09 August 2013

Saturn Mining Company

Saturn Mining Company-

The Saturn Mining Company while a Terran based company it isn't part of the USF, operating as a free trade company.

Originally headquartered in the Sol system on the Saturn moon of Titan and a smaller operations on  various other Saturn Satellites. After Earth and its colonies joined the Star Trade Confederation the company seen its profits increase over 300% in the first two months. When the Floragian War started Saturn mining Company had already moved its Corporate headquarters to the Dyson System, an uninhabited star system comprised of 7 rocky mineral rich Mars sized planets and 3 Gas Giants, Dyson Alpha, Dyson Beta, and Dyson Epsilon.

Due to the wealth of the minerals and gasses in the Dyson System, the Saturn Mining Company soon became the largest Mining corporation in the known sectors. Their wealth did come at a cost, many smaller mining companies hired pirates to attack the Saturn mining Companies ships. Due to the attacks the Saturn Mining Company hired over a dozen free companies to operate as security, eventually buying most of them out, to become a permanent security force.

Currently the Saturn mining Company has three primary mining ship designs for their asteroid Mining operations:

The Rock Hound, a small exploratory ship used to do initial test mining on asteroids

The Hauler a medium sized mining ship that typically operates in groups of 4 or in conjunction with a set of Pick Axe class ships

The Pick Axe , a large mining ship that also doubles as a refinery before mined ore is loaded onto Cargo Freighters.

They also operate a many planetside mines, along with many gas colletion rigs mining gas in the Gas Giants.

Two Rock Hounds approaching asteroids being mined by a Pick Axe  (top right ship)and a Hauler (bottom left ship)