11 June 2013

Zerloon Casino, Luxury Center and Hotel

As part of the contest I ran to pick a name for my primary faction the second and third place winners would receive Honorary mention here and either a ship or starbase/space station named after them. Third place winner Zerloon wanted a station named after him so I decided to have it as an old asteroid mine turned casino. Just beware the Fluff below for the station is a draft and may not represent the final version.

 Zerloon Casin, Luxury Center and Hotel

Initially opened on an mined out asteroid by Commandant (Honorary) Lorenzo Zerloon as a place for the systems miners to go to gamble and relax, the Casino only took up a small portion of the asteroids interior. The remaining area was used by the Commandant as storage, As time progressed and more miners visited the Casino the Commandant realized he needed to expand his operations.

The first major addition was the Luxury Center, consisting of the brothel/massage parlor and some small holosuites. Word of the Casino reached the heads of the Mining companies, especially since 80% of all the miners spent their off time at the Casino. It was about this time that the Commadant was starting his next expansion, a Hotel. When J.R. Remington, owner of the Ouroborus Mining Consortium, head of the Casino, he approached the Commandant with a proposal to turn the Casino into a Luxury Resort.

The Commandant entered into a partnership with Remington. Remington would own 25% of the Casino and run the daily operations. Through the partnership the Asteroid housing the Casino was towed into orbit around the planet Resulan. Remington then had the Casino, hotel and Luxury Center gutted. Over the next 4 months The Commandant and Remington worked tirelessly going over the plans and supervising the construction of the New Casino, Luxury Center and Hotel. It was also during this time that the Commandant installed the "backdoor" his personal hanger bay on the asteroid, where its rumored that the Commandant has "flushed" certain individuals that have crossed him into space.

Upon the Grand Reopening the Casino floor expanded to 300 times the size it was. The Luxury Center also had new state of the art Holosuites, shops, parks, and restaurants put in, the most popular being the Planet View restaurant, giving its diners a beautiful view of Resulan while they eat. The Commandant also put in 2 hotels for his guests, the luxurious 5 star Remington, and the Miners Glory, a 3 star hotel catering more towards the miners of the system and their families. 

Now onto some pics of the Casino

Zeloon Casino- Yes it has been painted a Metallic Purple, I am thinking that in universe fluff a metallic purple metal will be a higher valued ore then gold, and that the Casino was painted using faux paint similar to how you see some Casinos using faux gold paint for some of the interior and exterior features.

 The Docking Bay for the planetary shuttles (on the right) along with the Planet View Restaurant (to the left of the docking bay)

The "rear" of the Casino, note the dark spot between the Orbital thrusters, this is Commandant Zerloon's private hanger.

Unfortunately the flash on the camera washed out a lot of the details. The Red Tower and Yellow Tower both house VIP and High Roller suites. The blue tower (the tallest one) houses The Commandant, and Remington's offices along with other offices and suites. The Teal and Green towers (short skinny ones) are both part of the staff housing. The Silver Tower above the Docking Bay is the sensor and communications array along with the shield generators. I am basically done, I may go back and do some touch up painting and adding some new details via paint.

Next up will either be the second place winners Honorary Mention or the Winners mention and background fluff, if I don't post a pic or two of my fleet so far.

Edit 13JUNE2013: some minor revising to fluff

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