Historical Figures and Key Players in the Campaign

Here you will find backgrounds on some Historical figures and the the Current Key figures in the Campaign Universe.

Admiral Sean Squires-

Admiral Sean Squires started life in the USN as a Ship Sanitation Specialist aboard the USN ship Greater Destiny, during a stand off against an Anakonzli Dreadnaught. Ever the klutz Crewman Squires ended up tripping over his untied laces, While trying to catch his balance he grabbed the Trash Disposal lever, jettisoning 1-1/2 tons of trash towards the enemy ship.

Due to a fluke in the enemy ships sensors, it didn't detect the trash ball. The ball of trash ended up impacting the enemy ship and clogging the plasma exhaust vent, causing the plasma to back up in the ships system, causing a catastrophic explosion obliterating the ship and its crew. In order to try and cover up his incompetence Crewman Squires claimed that he launched the trash on purpose figuring that it was worth a shot, if it was detected they could claim that it was the automated trash disposal system that jettisoned the ball. His captain believed him, and put his name in for promotion.

The USN promoted him to tactical Fleet Commander of the 73rd Fleet. It was there that they realized he wasn't the tactical genius they were lead to believe when he lost 4 ships due to collisions during a routine rescue operation. the USN quickly "Promoted" him to the rank of Admiral and gave him a desk job, in which he had no true authority.

50 years later most members of the USN had forgotten that Admiral Squires was the cause of the accident of the 73rd Fleet, naming the first ship in the new line of Heavy Cruiser after him, the USNS-10275, The Admiral Squires, the first of 12 Squires Class Heavy Cruiser. The Admiral Squires has served with distinction as a Escort ship for the USF's Governmental fleet along with various Merchant and trade ships, fending off numerous pirate raids and at least one Anakonzli battleship and 3 Destroyers.

His great grandson Robert Squires is a fast rising cadet at the USN Academy on Apideas Prime, having taken and passed both the first year and second year exams during his first year at the academy, and scoring some of the Academies highest scores during training simulations.

Fleet Admiral Jynx Alouicious

Fleet Admiral Jynx Alouicious is currently head of the USN, as such he is also the Military adviser for the President of the USF.

Admiral Alouicious started his career as a Lieutenant/Fighter Pilot aboard the USNS-2383, Aurora, a Striker Class Carrier. As a fighter pilot aboard the Aurora then Lt. Alouicious flew in over 3 dozen major conflicts during what is now called the Calderian Pirate War, against Pirate Captain Zexsus Caldaria and his pirate fleet. Admiral Alouicious is most famously known as the fighter pilot that captured Zexsus Calderia after disabling the pirates personal fighter.

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