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Here you will find a the list and some background for my Campaigns Major Factions. Ultimately I hope to have my main faction that I will be playing, a couple "neutral" factions (Merchant Cartels, Pirates, Races/Planets/Systems/Alliances/Unions/etc.. that are unaligned with the primary faction or the "bad guy" factions), and 2 or 3 "Bad Guy" Races/Union/Confederacy/Alliances/etc...

 United Star Federation

The USF is a federation of over 1000 worlds comprising of 42 different races. the groundwork for what eventually became the USF was laid in 2159 when the Terrans (mankind) met its first intelligent extraterrestrial race, the Dyphlans, when a Dyplan geological Survey ship came into orbit above the Europa Colony requesting assistance in repairs to their ship. Reginald Roberts the Colony governer is credited with welcoming the Dyphlans and opening the door to diplomacy.

The Dyphlans helped mankind with the development of its first Faster Then Light (FTL) Drives and introduced them to the Star Trade Confederation, a loose trade alliance of 5 races, the Dyphlans, the Akkaram, the Volem, the Cethlo, and the Jorgo. The Star Trade Confederation quickly began trading with mankind.

In the year 2225 the Floragian Empire after years of harassing the outposts and trade centers of the Star Trade Confederation races, they attacked and destroyed the Unity Trade Station at the edge of the Sol System. By this time Unity had become the major trade center for both the Star Trade Confederation and 21 other non-allied races, being viewed as a neutral territory, housing dignitaries and embassies of many different races.. With the destruction of the Unity Trade Station the Star Trade Confederation and the races who had lost individuals in the Unity attack joined together, as the Star Forces Combine, to retaliate against the Floragian Empire. The Floragian War, as it later became known, lasted 8 years with heavy losses on both sides, before a Terran built and commanded ship comprising of individuals from all the races, was able to slip past the Floragian defensive line and launch an attack that destroyed the Floragian Shipyards in orbit around Floragia, and all the ships that were docked there.

The Floragian Treaty signing in 2233 led to the United Star Federation being founded less then a year later, with the races who were part of the Star Alliance Combine, the Floragians and 6 other races all joining. The United Star Federation is split into two branches with the first branch, the Government Branch being split between the Presidential Estate on Earth for use as a retreat for government officials and the Capitol being on the Terran Colony world of Apideas Prime in the Apideas System. The second branch, the Military Branch of the United Star Federation is refereed to as the United Star Navy.

Knowing that there may be other races out there that the United Star Federation hasn't met that may be Hostile towards the Federation, the United Star Navy is tasked with defending the Federation, and taking the fight to those who threaten it, in addition to defending the Federation the United Star Navy also is tasked with exploration of the Galaxy and making contact with new races and fostering diplomatic relations. The United Star Navy has proven while they wish to remain peaceful and treat those they meat with diplomacy, they won't hesitate to fight back if it comes down to it, while also understanding that an attack by a newly met race may be a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Ships of the United Star Federation can vary in design based on what member nation built the ship, most are the same color of gray, though most member races are slowly going to a standard design template.

United Star Federation Planetary Defense Forces use a variety of ship designs, it all depends on what was available for the Defense Force to purchase at the time of the ships purchase.


The Anakonzli are a fierce reptile-like warrior race that live for the glory of the fight. They believe in fighting with honor, and as such  refrain from ambushing or attacking foes they view as weak, such as merchant ships, colonies (though they will attack a colonies Planetary Defense Force if it is a strong one), scientific research vessels/stations, etc... They also won't attack any station that they know houses non-combatants such as children, women with or caring for children, or the infirm/old.

While the Anakonzli holds the honor of the fight in high esteem, they also know that not all of its members are fit to be part of the warrior caste, matter of fact some of its most influential leaders have came from outside the warrior caste. Such as Patrician Raz'liska who was initially from the Merchant Caste but rose to become a diplomat and ultimately the Patrician of the Anakonzli. As the Patrician, Raz'liska set forth the practice of informing those who they plan on attacking of the impending attack, so that the target will be prepared for the attack.

It isn't uncommon for the Anakonzli ships to rescue individuals from disabled ships and give them needed medical attention before allowing the individuals to go free, providing them with shuttle crafts, or for the ships to break off suddenly from an attack when they are winning.

Recently a new Patrician has come to power and is trying to convince the Anakonzli warrior caste that joining the United Star Federation will allow for greater glory in battle, considering the newly revealed Morlontis Combine have lead some devastating raids on the other side of the Federations territory.

They typical Anakonzli ship is green in color and may or may not have a red bird or its wings painted on the ship.

Morlontis Combine

The Morlontis Combine a militant group of races from the same star system, controlled by the Morlontis Emperor Grneef'kziviz and his Generals. There are 4 primary races that make up the Combine, the Morlontis, a race of Humanoid Insects-like beings, the Vrill, a race that has a natural bent to mechanical engineering and computer programing, the Hashief, a semi-aquatic race with a hive mind, and the Artifs, a cybernetic race that were reprogrammed by the Vrill to obey the commands of the Morlontis. Within the Combine there are countless members of other races that are slaves.

The Morlontis Combine were initially thought to be nothing more then a small pirate group, until the attack of the Enders Mercantile Conglomerate's trade world of Avissa III, by a fleet of 13 Morlontis Slaver Ships. Previously all encounters with the Morlontis were only a couple ships per encounter, comprising of mostly Hashief and Artif crews.

The Morlontis Combine fleets consist of ships of varying designs, each of the primary races, excluding the Artifs, have their own ship designs, though the crew may be made up of members from any of the 4 primary races, along with slaves (typically regulated to non-essential jobs aboard ship).

The Morlontis Combine's home system is in a section of the galaxy that has only been recently explored since the Avissa III attack, currently not much information on the system and its planets is known.

The Enders Mercantile Conglomerate

The Enders Mercantile Conglomerate is one of the largest trade organizations in the known galaxy, founded as a replacement to the Star Trade Confederation, to be chartered by the USF. The EMC according to their USF Charter own and operate over 90% of all trade stations in the USF Space along with owning and operating all but a a handful of trade planets. Most major mining, refining, and manufacturing companies have at least one or two EMC representatives on their board of directors, some out of courtesy to the EMC others because the EMC owns 49%of the companies stock shares (the EMC makes sure they keep under 50% ownership in these companies). The only trade business the EMC isn't part of other then on the shipping end, is the agricultural, medical and scientific research fields, these being monopolized by the USF itself for the betterment of its citizens.

Most of the independent trade companies have contracts with the EMC that allows them to stay in business, these contracts range from courier work to cargo hauling. Though there are still those independent operators that refuse to work with the EMC, or they handle the shipping of illicit goods that the EMC will not deal with (the EMC, if it does deal in illicit goods does so covertly and makes sure there is little to no records of the dealings).

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