19 May 2013

Welcome to Starbase Alpha Romeo Charlie (A.R.C.).

Here you will eventually be able to find background fluff for my Starship Project along with starship miniatures (as soon as I get some). If you are into Zombies check out my other blog Dougs land of the Dead, there I am running a contest in honor of starting this new blog up, You get to vote on the name of the primary faction that I will be using in my Starship Universe, and those who vote for the winning name will have their names put in a hat and one lucky person will win a Miniature of their choice from one of 6 manufacturers.

I am still deciding between Full Thrust or 5150 Star Navy as the rules I will be using, right now I am leaning more towards 5150, since I am already familiar with the Two Hour Wargames rule system.

I look forward to getting content on this blog and getting to know new gamers out there in Internetland.



  1. I'm very interested in seeing where you go with this as I'm soon to be embarking on Full Thrust too (again) with my eldest.

  2. I'm interested as well as I have purchased both Star Navy and Fighter Command as well as having Full Thrust lurking somewhere on my hard drive. We have only played a few games of basic X-Wing (the kids and I that is.)

  3. Of course, you might just see the same old gamers here as well as on your zombie blog?!

  4. Hugh- Yeah I already figured on that. Though I did join the Star Ranger Forums ANd placed the link to this blog in my sig there so might see some new faces from that venue. Also was pimping your name out to Ian at Irregular Miniatures as the reason I am placing my order for their ships as the first of the ships for my collection. I am not counting the plastic "dimestore" ships that I am getting 144 of, since those are meant to be a temporary fleet until the metals arrive.

    Have read both 5150 Star Navy a couple times and Full Thrust a couple times, and am leaning towards Star Navy as my rules of choice. Though I will also play Full Thrust.