25 May 2013

Everyones Favorite Little Big Spaceship

Was bored and figured since I had a few minutes I would do a quick scratchbuild for a space ship.

I decided to do probably the worlds most famous and recognizable ship.


Granted its not perfect, being about 5mm high its not like it will be a daVinci or  even a Gold Demon contending model. I probably took all of 3 minutes to do this and that was waiting for the paint to dry,

For 5150 Star Navy I am thinking of using this as a Cruiser (Class 4 ship with 8 hull points. 7 points of Shields and 1 points of Anti-Aircraft  Batteries). The only reason I gave it the AA is because they are a defensive weapon.

Not sure what it would be in Full Thrust yet, will have to sit down and figure it out.

Now onto something not so familiar.

Over on the SCN forums (see link for Star Ranger Forums to the left) they are holding a Scratchbuilding contest. The Ship, Station, or Weapon should be between 6 and 8 inched long, and made of found materials, no parts from other ships, bitz, or parts from model kits, such as disposable razor, toothbrush, tic-tac container, etc...

I used parts from a Nebulizer mouth piece, gumball machine capsules and a little plastic monster that I found in the back of my vehicle.

I decided to build a space station, I am calling it Research Station 531.

Now here is the finished (for the most part) Station with two of the plastic dimestore ships, one primed black the other primed grey with some black added:


  1. Pretty neat! Though I'm not sure that the Tardis should be treated as a regular ship - perhaps as an objective or special event?

    The space station is good too. I like the shape and the overall colour scheme. I think the somewhat rough lettering lets it down a bit, though.

  2. Hugh- The TARDIS is a special event (ship) I gave it the stats because you know that there will be someone somewhere that will want to attack it (has happened many times in the Series).

    As for the station the lettering could easily be explained as the maintenance crew repainting the Station ID, since the background has this Research Station having its funding cut due to money and interest being diverted elsewhere. The Station went from having a personnel count of 1225 down to a meager 91, all from the budget cuts and the Scientist being assigned elsewhere. The maintenance crew has sealed off and shut down huge sections of the station in order to save power. Areas of the Station are in disrepair and are unlikely to be repaired in the near future, unless a larger budget is allocated and they get more crew for the Maintenance Teams.