03 June 2013

United Star Federation

Well the voting over on my other blog has finished. The winning name for my Primary Faction is The United Star Federation.

The United Star Federation was founded in the 2234, 75 years after the Terrans  (mankind) first met its first extraterrestrial race, the Dyphlans (Pronounced Die-Flan) when a Dyphlan geological survey ship came into orbit above the Europa Colony, requesting assistance in repairs to the ship. Reginald Roberts the Colony Governor is credited with welcoming the Dyphlans and opening up the ground work that later became the United Star Force.

The Dyphlans helped mankind with the development of Faster Then Light Drives and introduced them to the Star Trade Confederation, a loose trade alliance of 5 races, the Dyphlans, the Akkaram (pronounced Ak-aah-ram, the Volem (pronounced Vol-Em, the Cethlo (pronounced Seth-Lo), and the Jorgo (pronounced Jore-Go). The Star Alliance began trading with mankind.

In 2225 the Floragian (pronounced Flora-Gi-An) Empire after years of harassing the outposts and trade centers of the various races of the Star Trade Confederation sent an attack fleet to destroy the Unity Trade Station at the edge of the Sol System. By this time Unity had become the major trade center for both the Star Trade Confederation and other non allied races. With the destruction of Unity Trade Station the Star Trade Confederation and the various races who lost individuals in the Unity attack joined together to attack the Floragian Empire. The Floragian War, as it later became known, lasted 8 years with heavy loses on both sided before a Terran ship was able to slip past the Floragian defense line and launch an attack that destroyed the Floragian Shipyards and the ships docked there for repairs. Thus ending the war.

The Floragian Treaty signing in 2233 lead to the founding of the United Star Federation less then a year later, with the Floragians, the Star Confederation and 27 other races all joining. The USF is the governing branch, with its capitol on the Terran homeworld of Earth. While Earth is the official Capitol most of the government is located on Apideas Prime, only the President and his Cabinet residing on Earth. The Military Branch of the USF is the United Star Navy.

Knowing that they may be other Races out there that may be hostile towards the USF, the USN is tasked with defending the USF and taking the fight to those who threaten it, in addition to exploration of the galaxy and making contact with new races. The USN has proven while they wish to remain peaceful and treat new raced with diplomacy, they won't hesitate to fight if it comes down to it.

Edit 16JUNE2013: Changed the Faction name to United Star Federation from United Star Force after it was pointed out by a fried that United Star Force sounded more like a Military government, and if they were why would they have the United Star navy as part of their operations. United Star Federation sounded a lot friendlier and less militaristic.


  1. right now I am trying to figure out what to call the Bad Guys, I am thinking possibly three main bad guy races or two races and one confederation/alliance/etc...

    I do know I envision one race as a Reptilian like race similar in appearance to the Fatu-Krey in Galaxy Quest.

    Another race I am thinking is a race that is on a crusade to wipe out or enslave the "lesser" races, I am thinking something akin to the Star Trek Romulans.

    The third Race (or Confederation/Alliance of races) will be a Warrior Dominated race/allaince out for the glory of battle, they will issue the challenge to a foe they feel is worthy of battle, fight then head back home, something akin to the Yautja (Predators) in their Hunt or the Klingons in Star Trek, in that they fight for the glory of the fight. Yes I know the Yautja and Klingons have two different cultural views, though both believe in the honor and Glory of the Fight/Hunt.

  2. Edited the Fluff the USF is now the United Star Federation, not the United Star Force, it was mentioned by a friend that Federaton sounds more friendly and less militaristic then Force.