08 June 2013

5150: Star Navy Ship Record Sheet

I decided to fool around with Vampifans ATZ: Final Fade out Character Record sheets and turn them into a Ship Record Sheet. When printing this out on a standard sheet of printer paper (8-1/2"x11-in) there will be 4 per page. I intend to cut these out and glue them to the back of 3x5 Index Cards, so each ship will have its own card.

I have modified where I can incorporate some of the ships crew on the Record Sheet, this is more for aesthetics then actual game play at this time. I may eventually use it for a 5150: Star Navy/5150: Star Army crossover campaign, so that I know at a glance who the ships command/key personnel are

If you look at the Hull Points vs the systems you will notice I gave the ship 2 cargo bays (CB). I will be using the Cargo Bays as a Common System like the Bridge, Engine and Life Support on any non merchant ship, though I will limit the max # of base to Class/2 rounded down (so Class 3 =1 Bay, Class 4 &5 = 2 bays, Class 6=3 bays), Stations will have the max number of bays as Class*1.5 rounded up. Merchant ships will still use 1 CB= 1 Hull point. I see the Cargo Bays in the non-merchant ships as being a Storage area, and not being as large as those on a merchant ship. Cargo Bays will be used with Colgar6's "What's in the Box? Cargo for Starships" non-critical damage chart (in addition to his "Damage Control to the Disco Lounge" damage chart).

You can find the file here

Hopefully someone else finds this ship record sheet useful.


  1. Good stuff Doug, and thanks for reminding me of Colgar's stuff. I haven't downloaded it yet as I'm too lazy to dig for my 4shared login info. I'll get around to it later.

  2. Glad I could be of assistance. Thinking of posting this over on the THW Yahoo Group in the files section there.