20 June 2013

Squires Class Heavy Cruiser

Well its time for the Final Honorary Mention post from my Zombie Blogs Contest. This one goes to the Winner of the Contest: Sean. He has in addition to the prize of $10 in miniatures from a couple different manufacturers (he chose two of Studio Bergstroms Sing-On Praetor Pocket Destroyers) he also had the opportunity to have a Ship Class (plus a ship), just a ship, a Planet, a Planetary System, or a Starbase/Station named in his honor. He initially picked just a ship, though after talking with him I changed it to a Ship Class.

Ship Sanitation Specialist Crewman Sean Squires was serving aboard the USN Ship Greater Destiny, during a stand off against an Anakonzli (pronounced An-A-kon-zel-e) Dreadnaught. Crewman Squires ended up tripping over his untied laces, While trying to catch his balance he grabbed the Trash Disposal lever, jettisoning 1-1/2 tons of trash towards the enemy ship.

Due to a fluke in the enemy ships sensors, it didn't detect the trashball. The ball of trash ended up impacting the enemy ship and clogging the plasma exhaust vent, causing the plasma to back up in the ships system, causing a catastrophic explosion obliterating the ship and its crew. In order to try and cover up his incompetence Crewman Squires claimed that he launched the trash on purpose figuring that it was worth a shot, if it was detected they could claim that it was the automated trash disposal system that jettisoned the ball. His captain believed him, and put his name in for promotion.

The USN promoted him to tactical Fleet Commander of the 73rd Fleet. It was there that they realized he wasn't the tactical genius they were lead to believe when he lost 4 ships due to collisions during a routine rescue operation. the USN quickly "Promoted" him to the rank of Admiral and gave him a desk job, in which he had no true authority. 50 years later most members of the USN had forgotten that Admiral Squires was the cause of the accident of the 73rd Fleet, naming the first ship in the new line of Heavy Cruiser after him, the USNS-10275, The Admiral Squires, the first of 12 Squires Class Heavy Cruiser. The Admiral Squires has served with distinction as a Escort ship for the USF's Merchant Fleet, fending off numerous pirate raids and at least one Anakonzli battleship and 3 Destroyers.

Heres the Squires Class Heavy Cruiser:

The Squires Class Heavy Cruiser is an Amarillo Design Bureau/Mongoose Publishing Federation Light Cruiser/Texas-Class Light Cruiser from the Starline 2500 Line (model # MGP-31001). As with most my ships I am going for more of a minimalistic look, though I do still have some more of the ships details I plan on painting, and since I don't plan on playing in the Star Trek Universe I am not worried if the colors or markings are correct.

5150: Star Navy stats:
Admiral Squires
Class 4
Heavy Cruiser
Thrust 3
Hull Points 8
Shield 2
Guns 3
Missile 2
Hanger N/A
Anti-Aircraft 1
Cargo Bay 2 (For use with the Damage Control to the Disco Lounge and Whats in the Box? Cargo for Starships noncritical damage tables by Colgar6, these have no true game value other then for laughs)

To see what exactly Sean won in addition to the Ships Class being named after his check out his blog here http://seanswgcorner.blogspot.com/2013/06/what-i-won-from-doug.html


  1. Hah, nice story! It feels like it was inspired by "Red Dwarf", perhaps?

  2. Sean wanted something along the lines of the old Western show F-Troop where the commander of the fort was a Civil War Hero, all based on him sneezing repeatedly and the Union Army accidentally took that as the signal to charge. Due to the blunder he was promoted and due to his ineptitude given command of a remote outpost.

    I figured you cant get much lower in the rank on a starship then that of a sanitary technician (garbage man).

    Hopefully Sean will see this post and comment on it and let you know his thoughts.

  3. Thanks Doug, good stuff. I've heard of Red Dwarf but don't remember ever seeing an episode. F-Troop is what I was thinking of, a show from the 60's that I watched in syndication as a kid.

  4. Sean- You need to check out Red Dwarf, there are only about 60 episodes over the 10 seasons (average season was 6 episodes with I believe Seasons 7 & 8 being 8 episodes while 9 was 3 episodes). its a pretty good British sci-fi comedy. I remember watching it back in the 90's on one of the local PBS stations (I believe it was the one down in Detroit).