03 July 2013

Gaming Mat

Well back a few weeks ago I decided I will need a gaming mat for my Starship Combat to take place, instead of a plain table top. I went and priced some of the options available, both w/ hexes and unhexed.

Ultimately I went the DIY route and purchased a 4-1/4ft by 6ft piece of black vinyl. I then had one of my friends help me paint it via the toothbrush splatter method. I then used red, blue and white spray paints to create a couple nebulas and whatnot. After everything had dried I touched the mat up here and there.

Now on to the pics of the mat by itself and then with some ships and other stuff on it.
The mat before touch-up/detailing

Escape Pod

Zerloon's Casino Docking Bay side

Two Dime Store Plastic ships, one on left was bashed w/ parts from another ship one on the right is stock

Zerloon's Casino, Orbital Thrusters and Zerloons Private Dockign bay

Irregular Miniatures DYE4 Light Cruiser, Natori Class

Mine Cluster

 Space Mine

Irregular Miniatures Generic Fighters


  1. The mat looks great. Looking forward to seeing some battles on it.

  2. Making good progress, I think!
    Those space mines look vaguely familiar :-) .

  3. Hugh- I couldn't remember where I had seen those beads I used for the mines/escape pods initially, was thinking they were from Desert Scribes blog but when I went back and looked the beads he used were a different style. The Mine Clusters and the Escape pods are small beads where as the single mines are larger beads, the larger mine also uses a nail with a plastic cap (bought the nails with the caps bulk at the local hardware store, 1/4 lb for $1US). I am also basing some escape pods in clusters of three pods.