17 June 2013

Spanky's Haul

Well its time for the next Honorable Mention post from my Zombie Blog's contest. This one goes to the Second Place Winner PapaSpanky. He chose to have a ship named after him. I have chosen to make it a merchant ship.

Spanky's Haul

Spanky's Haul started life as Yamamoto MF-1235 Multi-Purpose Merchant Carrier named the Silver N' Gold, in an ore hauler configuration owned by Jack Reynoldson, a contractor for the Jupiter Mining Consortium. Jack was a heavy drinker and a compulsive gambler. During one of his heavy drinking binges while he was gambling he bet the Silver N' Gold, and unfortunately he lost. The winner of the Port was a small time merchant that went by the name PapaSpanky, never giving his real name. Upon taking possession of the Silver N' Gold, PapaSpanky had the ship refitted for use as a Merchant Freighter, he also renamed it Spanky's Haul. Since acquiring the ship PapaSpanky's has been able to expand his merchant trade, while still piloting Spanky's Haul himself he has added 4 more Merchant Freighters to his fleet.

Heres the ship I am using for now as Spanky's Haul, its an Irregular Miniatures Independent Merchant Ship.

The ship is actually a gray color, while the gray you see in the pics is actually silver.

5150: Star Navy Stats

Spanky's Haul
Class 4
Merchant Freighter
Thrust 3
Hull Points 8
Shields 2
Guns 1
Cargo Bays 5 official, 3 secret which are used for smuggling goods, and each only have 1/4 the capacity of the other bays


  1. Very nice, and fitting. I think I would be a smuggler if I were in a space setting. Thank you, I am honored.

  2. Right now, I am looking at a couple of other different ships to use as Spanky's Haul, though who knows I might just keep it as the Irregular Miniatures Independent Merchant Ship.

    Glad you liked the Fluff Spanky.